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Daily Notes - Science
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Saturday, 18 September 2010 13:21

In the science category of this weblog, I'd like to start with Artificial Intelligence(AI). I studied Software Engineering in my bachelor of science degree. But ,as i said in the previous post, during that years, I start some studies in philosophy. Thereafter, when i study some aspects of AI, i found that there is a close relation and even dependency between AI and some other sciences like philosophy, linguistics, psychology, cognitive sciences and so on. This findings surprised me and urged me to pursuing my education in this exciting field.

There are many different definitions for Artificial Intelligence. But most of them focused on this fact, that the main aim of AI is making a machine that can perform and think like a human. Even some optimistic scientists, Claimed that AI must concentrate on making a machine that act and think rationally (not exactly like a human, because in some situations a human could act better than he or she does).

The essential questions in the AI are as follow:

* What is intelligence?
* Can we build a machine that can understand and learn?
* Can a machine have a mind?
* Can we build a machine that have faith to a holy thing or a holy concept? Can a machine act moral?
* Can we build a machine that fall in love?
* Can a machine be creative? (like Picasso proposed a new style of art)

It will be very exciting to me that i know your ideas about the above questions?

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Daily Notes - General
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Saturday, 18 September 2010 13:20

In the far past years, I have joined in some extra classes that their subject was some studies about art and philosophy. There i found that the knowledge of human kind, can be divided in 5 hyper categories, namely, Science, Philosophy, Mysticism, Religion and Art. Each of these has its subject and its special nature. These five awareness build the whole life of an individual. You cannot eliminate each of them or resolve each to another ones. How much you taste these awareness determine how amount of your humanity.

I try to extend my understanding in these issues and develop the style of my life via respecting their concepts. Just imagine, what it would be like, if this hope come to true. I exercise in this way by studying and writing some relatives in this weblog.  Please help me.

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."
Albert Einstein

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Daily Notes - General
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Saturday, 18 September 2010 13:19

In the name of God

Hi dear friends,

Its my first post in my English version weblog . I hope that this place, be really useful and have enough afford to take your valuable times. I will respect your kind attention and try to suggest some useful issues. Please feel free completely and don't deprived me from your good suggestions.

See you later.

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