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Monday, 27 February 2012 09:21

Finally an Iranian film director accepts the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in Holleywood.
Asghar Farhadi is a real artist that has directed some beautiful movies (such as "چهارشنبه سوری"(The last wednesday of the year) and "درباره الی"(About Elli)) which I have proudly seen and All of them had some serious words to say.
His last movie, " جدایی نادر از سیمین (A Separation)", also is a fantastic movie which tell about the new generation of Iranian families and challenges they are faced with. I find it a film that focused on the truth and the poses that humans get around it.
The beauty of farhadi's films is their realism and situations that every one can experience. When you see these movies, you cant tolerate any interrupts, I think. In another word you will glued to the screen.
Another aspect of Farhadi is his moderate character in the worldwide sessions which I really like it. Specially his speakings. His sentences while accepting the Oscar Award was as follows:
"At this time, many Iranians all over the world are watching us and I imagine them to be very happy. "
"At a time of talk of war, intimidation and aggression is exchanged between politicians, the name of their county, Iran, is spoken here through her glorious culture, a rich and ancient culture that has been hidden under the heavy dust of politics."
"I proudly offer this award to the people of my country, the people who respect all cultures and civilizations and despise hostility and resentment."


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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 10:48

A Thousand Splendid Sun “appropriate my whole last week, but it was worth it. This book is a precious novel which narrates the story of two women; Mariam and Leila, in the land of poverty and mustiness; Afghanistan.  The versatile writer; Khaled Hosseini, who shows his power in his first published book ,The Kite Runner, has a coherent and fluent style in this novel, so any reader would attract to and enjoy a lot by reading it.
In this remarkable story you can find and deeply sense the tragedy of war effects on the human being life. Ruin and disaster penetrate in whole aspects of people life because of about thirty years of political anarchy which starts from the Soviet attack to the Afghanistan to the supremacy of the Taliban. 
Some beautiful concepts like deep relationships between people and families, permanent love and priceless cultural and historical inheritances are depicted in this novel and finally reader can find that all of these can be harmed and destroyed by the lack of human rationality.
I believe that this kind of novels help us a lot to understand our position in the real current world, which is full of injustice, brutality and irrationality. I am thankful for Mr Asoodeh, my English teacher which introduces this valuable book to me.

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Saturday, 02 October 2010 09:01


During the history of modern art, there were a plethora of serious movements which affected strongly the interlocutor’s points of view to the art concepts. All of these movements based on a staid philosophies which influenced by a dozen of parameters related to that era cultural and economical situations.

In the basket of these movements, there is an attractive one, named impressionism, which gives me a lot of pleasure sense, while I think to its background philosophy and its outstanding yields. Impressionism which consider as a significant break in the European painting was one of the most appealing art movements, started at the middle of 19th century in France. This movement, as I know, is a good instance of combining science and philosophy. The most important responsibility of an impressionist was pictured the moments. It returns to the birth of Industrial revolution in United States and spreading it to the whole world specially Europe which bring a special sense of time importance. Indeed it was a cultural movement that captured the Europe and affected considerably the various aspects of people life. An impressionism painting is like a scene or object which you can see at a momentary look. Although the impressionists like to preserve the moment, they attempt to care for the effects of light on their subject and it’s the main reason of their brilliant and light colors. The consequence of this tendency was more important and radiant concepts like the importance of subject substance. What you see in an impression painting is the artist’s emphasis on the subject matter not the subject itself.

To shows the fugitive effects of colors and light, artist preferred to go to the outdoor places, which has a good extent of sunlight and then create a beautiful and bright painting. The color might place on canvas purely and using of mixed color occurred rarely, this technique makes their work very vibrant and dazzling.

The pioneers of this movement were Edouard Manet, Camille Pissaro, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisley, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot and Pierre Auguste Renoir. I will write more about these men, especially Claude Monet, which the name of this movement borrowed from his great painting, "Impression, Sunrise".

"Impression, Sunrise" by Claude Monet

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