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During the history of modern art, there were a plethora of serious movements which affected strongly the interlocutor’s points of view to the art concepts. All of these movements based on a staid philosophies which influenced by a dozen of parameters related to that era cultural and economical situations.

In the basket of these movements, there is an attractive one, named impressionism, which gives me a lot of pleasure sense, while I think to its background philosophy and its outstanding yields. Impressionism which consider as a significant break in the European painting was one of the most appealing art movements, started at the middle of 19th century in France. This movement, as I know, is a good instance of combining science and philosophy. The most important responsibility of an impressionist was pictured the moments. It returns to the birth of Industrial revolution in United States and spreading it to the whole world specially Europe which bring a special sense of time importance. Indeed it was a cultural movement that captured the Europe and affected considerably the various aspects of people life. An impressionism painting is like a scene or object which you can see at a momentary look. Although the impressionists like to preserve the moment, they attempt to care for the effects of light on their subject and it’s the main reason of their brilliant and light colors. The consequence of this tendency was more important and radiant concepts like the importance of subject substance. What you see in an impression painting is the artist’s emphasis on the subject matter not the subject itself.

To shows the fugitive effects of colors and light, artist preferred to go to the outdoor places, which has a good extent of sunlight and then create a beautiful and bright painting. The color might place on canvas purely and using of mixed color occurred rarely, this technique makes their work very vibrant and dazzling.

The pioneers of this movement were Edouard Manet, Camille Pissaro, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisley, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot and Pierre Auguste Renoir. I will write more about these men, especially Claude Monet, which the name of this movement borrowed from his great painting, "Impression, Sunrise".

"Impression, Sunrise" by Claude Monet

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