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Sunday, 19 September 2010 04:33

In the scope of philosophy study, one of the best book i read is "Sophie's World" by a norwegian writter "Jostein Gaarder". It's a novel that have two principle characters, Sophie Amundsen, a fourteen years old girl who recieves some papers from an unknown writter, and a mysterious man who teachs the history of philosophy to Sophie via that papers. During the book, you will face with an innocent curious girl that is captured by the fascination of philosophy, and you will find that this fascination gradually prodominate you, too.

There are several persian translation of "Sophie's World", but i prefer and advise the version that belongs to "Kourosh Safavi". He works in philosophy, linguistic and semantics and so has a deep understanding on what he is translating.

I suggest this book to everyone who like to be familliar with philosophies issues. While you are reading an elegant novel in your bed, at the same time you learn philosophy.


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